Mikhaela Martin is an Italo-Brazilian artist and designer who channels her creativity through painting, illustration, and branding.
In her artistic pursuits, Mikhaela explores the depths of the individual unconscious, investigating its role in connecting human beings within their internal struggles. Many of these experiments, often sparked by the unpredictability of everyday life, materialize in expansive urban murals and sports venues throughout Spain, where she is currently based.
In addition to formal courses and university education, Mikhaela attributes a significant part of her artistic evolution to a life replete with travel, having lived in various countries around the world. These experiences have fueled a constant curiosity for diverse aesthetic expressions and cultivated a broad cultural background that distinctly shapes the boundaries of her work.
In her commissioned art projects, Mikhaela leverages her design expertise to understand the client’s desires and requirements, using defined themes and parameters as sources of imaginative inspiration. Similarly, in her role as a graphic designer, she applies her entire artistic repertoire to create and captivate, aiming to inspire her clients.
Of noteworthy mention, Mikhaela places great importance on the space and environment in her work, viewing them as crucial elements in conveying artistic concepts. Influenced by landscape architects, her primary goal is to positively impact and transform spaces through art. This vision involves engaging in dialogue with the local community and considering the urbanistic aspects of the city. In alignment with
her social projects and beliefs, Mikhaela has collaborated with the Barcelona City Council in providing education for women in vulnerable situations. This initiative includes imparting art and muralism skills, culminating in a final project where the women paint local business facades. Through these efforts, Mikhaela aims to empower these women with tools to transform their realities.
For general work inquiries, please send an email at mikhaelamm@gmail.com
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