Mikhaela Martin is an Italo-Brazilian artist and designer working in painting, illustration,
art direction and branding.
In her artistic work, she is especially interested in exploring the individual unconscious in the way it connects human beings in their inner struggles. Several of these experiments, often provoked by randomness of everyday life, can be seen in large urban murals and sports venues all over Spain, where she is currently based.
Beyond courses and universities, Mikhaela ascribes a great part of her artistic development to traveling and living in different countries of the world. These experiences provided her with an incessant interest in the various aesthetics manifestations and an expanded cultural background that truly pushed the boundaries of her work.
When creating commissioned art projects, she takes advantage of her design knowledge to comprehend the client’s wishes and needs, making the restrictions and defined themes an imaginative impulse. In the same way, when working as a graphic designer, all her artistic repertoire is put to use in order to innovate and inspire the customer.
For general work inquiries, please send an email at mikhaelamm@gmail.com
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